Liquid Metal Range Colours

Liquid Metal is available in 16 standard colours, all of which are produced in both viscosities, spray and brush.

Liquid Metal is available in different kit sizes - 1.1 kg, 6.0 kg and 12.1 kg. Dependent on texture and finish required, coverage is approximately 1.0-1.5kg per square meter.

We are also able to create custom colours - made to order. If our standard range does not fit your requirements, please contact us here to discuss a solution for your project.


We produce LIQMET liquid metals in two viscosities which allow the application by rolling, brushing, spraying or with a spatula, to create an endless variety of smooth and finely textured surfaces.

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Brush Viscosity

Not familiar with a spray gun? Do not worry. Metal finishes can be achieved with brush viscosity even easier and quicker.

LIQMET’s brush viscosity is a very thick material, similar in texture to mashed potato. It’s unique and no one company on the market has this type of material.

It allows multiple application methods of Liquid Metal to be rolled, brushed or spread with a spatula. This viscosity allows for complete freedom to create an endless variety of textured surfaces. A cast effect or a solid metal look can be created by applying the Brush material. This viscosity also allows application with unlimited thickness.


Spray Viscosity

LIQMET’s spray viscosity is a fine material that is applied by spraying. Its texture is like paint.

This viscosity allows for fine finishing (like painting a surface) and also has the capability to create a ‘bubbled’ texture. Finer details are better achieved using spray viscosity.


Liqmet copper on walls and bowl in liqmet pewter

Liqmet copper on walls and bowl in liqmet pewter